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Track People

RFID - Tracking People

Corporations, institutions and governments look to the RFID READY team to implement proficient track and trace programs for people, including staff personnel, site visitors, event attendees, specialized workers, or detainees. We utilize Passive RFID, Active RFID, RTLS, and GPS technology provisions where required.

Because we are not locked into deploying one single type of off-the-shelf tracking technology, we are able to implement the latest, most efficient and cost-effective, scalable solutions that are tailored to the user’s specific requirements.

People Tracking considerations:

A determination is made that takes into account the customer’s reporting requirements for the tag data. A Requirements Document is prepared that includes:

•Tag reads and expected read rates
• Full database and maintenance requirements
• Directionality – coming and going of personnel, based on read points on both sides of doorways
• Required Alerts a) text, b) email
• Adjustable time-in/time-out periods
• Reports – specific type and number of fixed generated reports pushed to user, or user can query database
• Data divergence and filters for database around event conflicts
• Hardware requirements, installation, tags, tag printer, software and training included

Tracking People Image
Tracking People Image
Tracking People Image

Flexible, Robust Software Application

Flexible software platform allows for easy incorporation of business logic, alerts (geo and time-driven) and notifications including:

• Minimum and Maximum Stay Alert
• No-go Zone Alert
• Read at least Once Alert

• No Tag Read Alert
• Unauthorized Movement Alert

Real-time tracking alerts

Real-time tracking alerts

Detailed, flexible reportingDetailed, flexible reporting
RFID-driven location

 RFID-driven location