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RFID Consulting
Be assured that you will start with a specialist instead of winding up with one later. The specialists at RFID READY offer a no charge first-pass consultation on improvements to your tracking objectives. We suggest that we perform a thorough Process Analysis for your project to clearly define its goals and deliver a roadmap for success.

RFID READY utilizes a wide range of software and applications to best fit your solution. Our experts recognize what software is required for a specific job, and what scalability will be needed as your needs grow. Often times only a simple application is required, saving you from over-investing in fee-fatigued software solutions that affect your project's ROI. A frequent cost-overrun for automated technology is when the selected software doesn't hold up in reality. RFID READY experts are extremely proficient in finding the real value in software and custom fit every solution to your situation, from the smallest field application to the largest enterprise system.
Automated technology hardware comes in many shapes, sizes, and options. Knowing just the right piece of hardware to use for different applications is critical – often companies over or under spend in this area which results in ineffective deployments. RFID READY is partnered with all of the major brand name equipment suppliers and provides competitive pricing and availability. We will even leverage your existing hardware vendor relationships if it will help with your ROI.

RFID READY professionals are well-versed in deploying different types on software and hardware solutions in a broad range of environments. Our teams stay with your project longer than the last wired is connected, and through the first stages of operation, so you are never without expert consultation on making the technology really work for you, resulting in a valuable investment that returns profit on your objectives. 

You want a crew on the ground that's experienced enough to solve any issues or problems right on-site, eliminating costly delays, time, and redundancy.  RFID READY teams provide a clearly communicated requirement statement to our customers, along with focused deliverables and daily reports and feedback so our customers are well-informed and updated on any issues around the installation every step of the way.

RFID READY offers expert services in the following areas:

• Logistics Engineering Consulting
• Pilots & Proof of Concept
• RFID program development and project management
• Software Development – System Applications and User Interfaces (GUI)
• Software Development – Database Design and Scripting
• Software Development – Database Interfaces for Legacy, WMS, and ERP
• Software Development – Mobile Computing for Cellular and Handheld

• Technology Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) – RFID (All), Wireless Networks & Security, Barcode Quality Verification Systems, Security Systems – Access, Software Design & Development
• Site Preparation Surveys and Documentation
• Implementation Planning and Documentation
• Hardware Selection, Training & Deployment
• Risk Management and Documentation
• Training Plans and Training Documentation
• Asset lifecycle management consulting