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RFID Platform

The Place to Find Expert Resources for Winning Solutions

This unique approach for getting you up and running with RFID is simple, fast, low-cost, and low-risk.

RFID Ready assigns you a small team of specialized asset tracking experts. You have immediate and open access to highly-experienced RF engineers, logistics and business analysts, and software professionals working for you from a standards-based, vendor-neutral, hardware and software agnostic perspective. You also gain access to the many processes, procedures, methodologies and techniques for developing and deploying RFID. 

The team serves as a temporary extension of your own staff, providing the expertise you need to make the right choices in technology, hardware, and software. It assures a properly planned and engineered solution that will perfectly tie-in your data to your back-end systems and operations. You get the skills that you need, when you need them. 

The time and money you save by working with experts before you begin your project is significant, before committing to a specific solution that may be costly and may not work for your business.

RFID Ready separates the capabilities that you need into core competencies, and then it locates and assigns resources for each. This means you can leverage the capabilities you may already have, get started quicker, learn more effectively, and spend less by paying for only what you need, when you need it.

Areas of Expert Resources:


• Highly-experienced professional team to demonstrate what is available, where the technologies are going, assess your needs, and help you create a roadmap.

• RF Engineers that conduct pilot programs and on-site test scenarios, and provide comprehensive Solutions Documents that highlight all of the requirements and options.

• Software Engineers to evaluate your back-end system requirements for integrating asset data, provide IT Solutions Documents, and verify compatibilities.

•  The latest in hardware solutions, costs, and documentation. Set-up HaaS (Hardware as a Service) to eliminate up-front capital expense.

• The seamless capture and data handshake with your current systems.

• Installation, user training, system adjustments, and incremental improvements.