RFID Ready
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RFID in Retail

RFID for Inventory Management

RFID inside your store provides you real-time ability to keep track of stock, which will enable your personnel to react quickly for inventory replenishment.

RFID can help you virtually eliminate lost sales due to the inefficiencies of locating inventory.

RFID has a direct impact on counterfeit prevention, because imitation items are easily identified.


Here are the main areas of improvements you will realize using RFID:

• Inventory visibility
• Reduction is missed or lost shipments
• Real-time alerts
• Reduced manual cycle counts
• Tracking of product throughout the supply chain
• Increased customer satisfaction
• RFID can replace, or work alongside your current EAS System
• Inventory completed in minutes

Research says that RFID results in:

• Reduced out-of-stocks up to 50 percent
• Reduced restocking efforts
• Reduced labor for inventory tasks
• Reduction of counterfeit items
• Reduced theft - both external and internal
• Reduction in receiving and operational time