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RFID in Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Due to the complicated supply chain for Pharmaceutical products, RFID technology offers many unique advantages. Using RFID allows for quicker identification, increased visibility, and the ability to deploy first-expire/first-out methods of inventory control.

RFID technology also allows pharmaceutical companies to satisfy electronic pedigree compliance by attaining comprehensive tracking histories. (EPedigree defends against counterfeit products and distribution channels).

RFID is not only used in the tracking of prescription medicines, but also in tracking the valuable lab products and supplies used in the processing of medicines and medical operations.

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Benefits of RFID in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

• Item level tagging will reduce counterfeiting and address Pedigree requirements.
• Improves proof of delivery confirmation.
• Ensure product quality and usability, along with improving supply-chain efficiency and security.
• Better protects the pharmaceutical brand name.
• Verify that the product has been properly temperature stored and managed at every step along the way.

• Enable the verification of an entire container without needing to unpack the container.
• Ability to audit each outbound pick-pack carton quickly to ensure a high degree of outbound accuracy and be able to detect errors before they are found by the customer.
• Monitors medical equipment usage and availability.
• Effective product recall processing.

RFID READY helps pharma companies focus on the business benefits they want to achieve and then determine how best to attain them. We work with all business units relevant to supply chain issue, including executives and management from operations such as warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, store operations, supplier management, quality control, and IT.

The successful solution lies with the right combination of smart business decisions and smart technology. To drive down costs and increase flexibility, intelligent systems need to provide a solid foundation for smart and accurate decisions. Operational efficiency is improved. Distributors and medical labs obtain more visibility into their warehouses—and potentially into their customers’ inventory management practices. And with improved visibility into distributors’ warehouses, manufacturers can balance their inventory across their supply chain - an area of unlimited untapped opportunities.