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The simple system to alert your staff of workplace exposure risks. 

The tracking experts at RFID Ready have created a worker alert system that assures your valuable workers are notified within minutes if they have been exposed to a contagion within your facility. Alerts include a history of exposure locations and the duration of interactions. The system can be installed and operational in as little as one day, with costs starting as low as 50 cents a day per employee.

Notify Locators are placed throughout your facility where common worker interaction occurs. Using personnel badges with unique IDs only, the system collects location, time and date stamps as workers go about their day.

When someone contagious becomes known, the system will immediately report all the IDs that have been nearby the infected person, including the location and duration of interaction.

NOTIFY Dashboard

The NOTIFY Dashboard provides configurable, real-time analytics and allows companies to provide actionable data directly to each worker so they can assess their own level of infection risk and be able to respond appropriately in protecting themselves and others.

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Use cases:

NOTIFY reporting works in most facility settings including corporate offices, food and pharmaceutical processing, healthcare facilities, data centers, government and military, warehousing, events, construction, and manufacturing plants.


  •  Fast deployment.

  • No cell phones, user survey apps, GPS, and temperature monitoring.

  • Lightweight badges and lanyards included with optional wristbands or key fobs. 

  • Can be used in secured Cloud service or server-based inside network.

  • Uses existing WIFI network.


System Components:

  • NOTIFY Badges
  • NOTIFY Locators
  • NOTIFY Dashboard/Reports

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