RFID Ready
See things clearer with automated data collection.

Why Do Customers Choose RFID READY? The difference is our expert team.

With new technology consulting, quite often the actual work is performed by someone other than the consultants. This means the people doing the concept and planning are detached from the realities of execution. RFID READY eliminates any disconnects from the drawing board to the field, because its experts are there every step of the way, and we aren't afraid to get our hands dirty in the process.

Highly-trained RFID READY consultants work hand-in-hand with top management and alongside the day-to-day operations people. This makes the technology implementation seamless, from original concept to wiring the project into action. Customer strategy translates directly into action.

RFID READY Manages Supply Chain Business Processes with Speed, Accuracy, And Efficiency.

RFID READY offers a wide range of professional consulting and integration services, covering every aspect of software development, project management, database development, application design and development, and implementation/installation management. We utilize the services of a very talented and seasoned team of logistics professionals. By combining a talented staff, a strong understanding of supply chain business challenges, and new practical methodologies and technologies in automatic data collection, we deliver quality solutions that result in immediate, clear and measurable results for our clients.


• Project Planning & Feasibility
• Process Analysis
• Solution Design & Testing/Validation
• Engineering Services
• Development & Customization
• Software Development
• Hardware Assessment
• System Integration & Implementation
• Installation Services
• On-Going Maintenance and Support

Where we have delivered projects:

• Asset Management
• Personnel Tracking
• Manufacturing Processes
• Products Through Supply Chain
• Temperature Tracking
• Vehicle / Tool Usage Control
• Logistics & Delivery Tracking
• Health & Safety Management
• Security & Access Control