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RFID in Government and Military

The Government has identified RFID as a growth technology because of the efficiencies it offers in reducing time and money in supply chains.  Government and military users have successfully deployed and implemented projects worldwide for tracking assets, products, and personnel.

Benefits from RFID technology are numerous for both the DoD and its suppliers. Automatic Data Collection (ADC) allows for improved efficiencies, real-time visibility, and effective record-keeping.

The US Government and Military branches have a vast store of supplies and equipment located around the world. In years past, the government kept track of assets and products using punch cards and electronic accounting machines, and a variety of manual processes. Maintaining visibility into government supply chains has always been a challenge.

Government and Military

Today's RFID tags have replaced the old technologies as the preferred method of tracking valuables. Military operations worldwide have mission critical dependence on the performance of the US Department of Defense’s (DoD) supply chain management to support the deployment of US troops.

The availability of supplies – rations, ammunition, parts and all other critical supply items directly affect the capabilities of the operations, so a productive and viable supply chain is significant in determining our armed forces effectiveness abroad.

Not only does RFID technology help keep track of standard supplies and equipment, it also plays an instrumental role in getting the critical supplies to the battlefield at the right time and place.

Government and Military

The benefits of RFID for the DoD include:

• improved inventory management
• improved labor productivity
• elimination of duplicate orders
• replacement of manual procedures
• automated receipt and acceptance
• improved inventory and shipment visibility and management
• enhanced business processes within the DoD
• improved asset tracking

The benefits to DoD suppliers include:

• faster respond to demand
• improved supply chain planning
• streamlining processes
• Better recall of defective items
• Better inventory management for products and supplies
• Stronger proof of delivery and chain of custody records,
resulting in faster payments for supplied goods

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