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Air Cargo

 RFID in Air Cargo

Barcode scanning is an alternative technology to RFID. The following features highlight the advantages of RFID over Barcodes:

• Simultaneous scanning - capable of simultaneous reading of tagged units, cases and pallets without human intervention.
• Ability to read multiple tags simultaneously (no line of sight required)
• Tags less susceptible to damage and readability not impaired by dirt, abrasion, or packaging contours.
• Unique identity code is resistant to counterfeiting and labels cannot be duplicated easily.
• Significantly higher data capacity to capture detailed information about product.
• Physical size - aspect ratio of a Tag’s length vs. width is very flexible and not a significant factor for the Reader.
• Various types of information through the life span of the products can be written on the same label multiple times.


The following primary benefits of the RFID solution:
• Ability to timestamp locations throughout the process
Increased precision / Improved data collection
• Seamlessly aggregate piece data capture to ULDs
Simplified and accurate billing process
• Ability to work in partnership with participating forwarders
Improved track and trace
• Near real time visibility and performance down to the piece level

Trucks At Warehouse

Contact RFID READY today to explore the Air Cargo Pilot Bundle option for airlines and freight forwarders. We have developed a special approach to piloting RFID in the air cargo environment. We have assembled all the needed components into a project bundle making the process very easy to manage and much more cost effective. This approach requires a minimal investment of your internal project resources, while producing the results needed to properly achieve the pilot objectives. The key to the success of the bundle approach is the one-stop provision of all the required experience, expertise and equipment.

The following list contains the other areas on intangible benefits to Air Cargo operators using RFID:

• Customer service
• ULD positioning
• Delay reductions
• Shipment visibility
• Piece -Customs & security mandate
• Automated House Air Waybill association
• Asset management for ACM

• Smart Card for people and assets
• Special cargo tracking (hazardous material, live animals, etc.)
• ULD planning
• Baggage tracking
• Storage location tracking
• Pallet asset tracking
• Vehicle/asset tracking